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The Strategic goal of our firm is to provide focused, yet diversified management services to every client. Our research, study profiles, initiatives and innovative applications are designed to ensure the results our clients expect. Our firm observes Five Core Principles, with the sustaining foundation being to ensure every customer and every client is serviced with unimpeachable Integrity and Competence. If success is the destination...We'll get you there.




At Brown/Golden, dms, Incorporated, we specialize in the research, development and implementation of innovative strategies that directly impact the corporate wellness of our clients. We create, design and manage enhancement programs that add new dynamics, growth and prosperity. All this is accomplished without impacting the core essentials upon which our clients have built their businesses.

Here's Where The Work Gets Done:

  • Human Resource Management & Consultation Division
  • Financial & Accounts Management Division
  • Marketing & Brand Management Division
  • Information Technology Initiatives
  • International Relations - Emerging Partnerships
  • Corporate Asset Protection - Security
  • Public Policy Initiatives


Hope Series™

The “Hope Series™” is designed with the Non-Profit Organization in mind.  Organization’s whose focus is benevolence, giving back, making a tangible difference and Charity can enhance their ability to meet these admirable goals through the help of The “Hope Series™”.

The THREE major tenets of The “Hope Series™” are:

  • Expanding the reach of  your organization’s benevolence outreach
  • A funding resource that enables your organization to “keep on giving”
  • A vehicle that affords your organization the ability to provide discounts, savings and services to your membership, at NO cost to the organization or the individual member

For more information regarding The “Hope Series™” contact our office at (210) 524-7756 or email us at: info@browngoldenms.com


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